Monday, June 16, 2008

This would only be an experiment..

Here are the final two prints we were supposed to have on sale at MoCCA.
It's me dressed as Superman on the back of a red dinosaur who is similar to (but legally different from) Devil Dinosaur, and Curt dressed as Martian Manhunter riding a unicorn.
Just a regular unicorn, I guess.
I mean, I don't think it's like a unicorn from She-Ra or something.
My thanks to Joel for helping me decide what kind of wonderous beast Curt should be atop... also for helping us make comics at all.
Again, these have the blank bubbles so that Curt could personalize them with something "personal" or "funny" or, if I know him, "filthy".
He makes so many cusses.

Hopefully we'll actually have these prints to sell as well as Let's Be Friends Again : A Tiny Comic (version 1.1) at our next convention appearance.

Speaking of conventional appearances, we'll be appearing at HeroesCon this weekend!
Anyone else going to be there?
Anyone else going to be there and want to be friends with us?

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