Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'll believe anything..

There are two people without whom, Let's Be Friends Again : A Tiny Comic (LBFA:ATC) would not have been possible.
Those two people are Curt and I.

Then there are two other people right after that (sorta just below) that also helped.
Those two people are Joel Priddy and Shane McDermott.

Probably the most awesome thing about making comics is the fact that when you make them, you can ask your way more talented friends to help make your comic not suck.
Such as by asking them to draw a pin-up of you for the back cover that ends up being basically the greatest thing ever.
Shane was responsible for not only lettering the thing, but spending his valuable time teaching me how to letter it like a real comic instead of like a flyer for Ubee's or something that you take when the guy hands it to you, but you know you're just gonna throw it away as soon as you can.
And don't worry, Shane, because you're also now stuck with the awesome responsibility of having to come up with a pin-up for LBFA2 that tops Joel's!

Above and beyond those things though, both of these guys helped us every step of the way reading the script, giving their thoughts, laughing at the appropriate points, helping me figure out the layouts, looking over my thumbnails, teaching us how to tie our shoes, making us dinner, telling me my finished pages were "good enough", and so forth.

I don't think Curt and I would be making comics if it weren't for them and all of their help, and we really can't thank them enough for being so generous with their time and talents.

And for what you're really here to see, a picture of Freddie Mercury dressed as a cat.

I want to believe!

This photo was sent in to us via cameraphonetography, and it's very important because it proves several things.
1) That our comic is available for sale at Comics & Collectibles.
2) That C&C is Memphis' finest comic shop because of this.
And most importantly..
3) That girls are willing to venture into comic shops for Let's Be Friends Again.

If you own or work for a comic shop and would be interested in having female customers, please get in touch with us, as this is a service we can provide.

Proof positive!

Here's total proof that someone paid actual money for my drawing of Freddie Mercury as a Green Lantern vs Darkseid.
See how Curt accepts the money in exchange for the drawing!
She said it was a birthday present for a friend who loved Freddie Mercury.
I hope he liked it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Come on, come on...

There our comic sits at Memphis' finest comic shop.
The copy you see there was the last copy of the original printing left anywhere.
This shop, and (hopefully) soon others around the country, will be receiving the newly printed and slightly adjusted (for the better) version.
I appreciate the staff of Comics & Collectibles putting our comic next to Jim Shooter's new Legion of Super Heroes so our comic doesn't seem like such a disappointment by comparison.
Sick burn.
Take that Jim Shooter!

Oh shit, I hope he's not going to be at HeroesCon..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I see the look in your eyes..

I drew this one for Joe at DC Comics.
His only request for his Freddie Mercury drawing was that I listen to my heart.
This is what happens when I listen to my heart.
I really like how this one turned out, so I might possibly try to make a print of it.
Maybe I'll just do an entire Justice League of Freddie Mercurys.
A JLFM if you will.

I'm not sure how many we got pictures of at the show, but I recall drawing Freddie as Robin (scaling a wall as per the request), a different Green Lantern, Wonder Woman (I know I have a picture of this one), and The Flash.
I also drew another of him against Darkseid, but that one was just plain Freddie.

That's just DC though.

I also drew him as The Silver Surfer (for Joe's friend with the roller-skates), Thor, Cable (in full Liefeld regalia), Bucky/The Winter Soldier (fighting Captain America).. and that's all the Marvel ones I can remember.
Maybe Curt or Joey or April or one of the people who got one of the sketches will chime in with any I'm forgetting that are DC or Marvel related.

I'll get into the non-comic related ones another time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fame and Fortu.. well, fame : Part 2

Subsequently, we've had a huge influx of new visitors.
This is hell of awesome.

For those of you that missed the story of this picture, it is (as best as I recall) as follows :
Curt and I were sitting at a bar waiting on our food.
I asked Curt what I should draw.
Curt : Can you draw Darkseid?
me : Sure.
Curt : Oh! Can you draw Darkseid fighting Freddie Mercury?
me : Cool! Okay.
Curt : OH! Can you draw Freddie Mercury AS a Green Lantern fighting Darkseid?!
me : OMG AWESOMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we started huggin' and high-fivin' and all dancin' around and such.
A little bit of fun trivia about the picture that before right now only 4 people knew : In my original pencils, Freddie was using the ring to create a "Fat Bottomed Girl" to combat Darkseid.

It's really pretty fortuitous timing that this happened today, because today just happened to be the day we received/unveiled the new logo/banner created for us by the unbelievable Dylan Todd.
He's also responsible for one of my favorite blogs, Big Red Robot.

So yeah, if you're one of our new visitors, thanks for stopping by and please drop in again. Tell a friend even.
There'll definitely be a lot of things to look at over the next few days (if all goes according to plan at least), and if you're just here for Freddie, rest assured, he's involved.
Heavily involved.

Well, I mean, not literally, but I will be posting more of the pictures of him as various superheroes I drew for people at MoCCA.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Automatically maximum damage..

Thanks to Super Punch I now know that Scott Campbell has made this awesome poster for HeroesCon... which Let's Be Friends Again will just happen to be at this weekend!
Hopefully, we'll meet and become friends with some of you while we're there.

Monday, June 16, 2008

This would only be an experiment..

Here are the final two prints we were supposed to have on sale at MoCCA.
It's me dressed as Superman on the back of a red dinosaur who is similar to (but legally different from) Devil Dinosaur, and Curt dressed as Martian Manhunter riding a unicorn.
Just a regular unicorn, I guess.
I mean, I don't think it's like a unicorn from She-Ra or something.
My thanks to Joel for helping me decide what kind of wonderous beast Curt should be atop... also for helping us make comics at all.
Again, these have the blank bubbles so that Curt could personalize them with something "personal" or "funny" or, if I know him, "filthy".
He makes so many cusses.

Hopefully we'll actually have these prints to sell as well as Let's Be Friends Again : A Tiny Comic (version 1.1) at our next convention appearance.

Speaking of conventional appearances, we'll be appearing at HeroesCon this weekend!
Anyone else going to be there?
Anyone else going to be there and want to be friends with us?

Fame and Fortu.. well, fame : Part 1

We're getting hella famous.
At MoCCA, Curt and I were interviewed for a podcast.
I don't think they've put the interview with us up yet, but you can see this picture and a brief bit about talking to us there on their site.

Curt is cracking up in that picture.

Friday, June 13, 2008

We're in a good position...

This was another of our did not get there in time prints for MoCCA.
Curt had the idea that we should make prints with empty word bubbles on them so that while I was sketching things for people he could write things to make each print personalized.

It would have been a big hit if it had been able to happen.

I need you to hurry up now..

This was one of the prints we were going to sell at MoCCA that didn't get shipped to us on time.. even though the site we ordered them from told us we would have them well in advance of the show.
I did however sell the original art for this to a person (that was not Joe Quinones) for actual money.
Sorry, Joe.

Monday, June 9, 2008

We've already decided..

We want to be friends with you all.
The comic and other real content will start appearing here shortly.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Curt is trying to kill me with his indifference.

As we speak, the comic is in a finer comic shoppe near you... provided you live in the greater Memphis area.

We are in New York.