Friday, June 20, 2008

Come on, come on...

There our comic sits at Memphis' finest comic shop.
The copy you see there was the last copy of the original printing left anywhere.
This shop, and (hopefully) soon others around the country, will be receiving the newly printed and slightly adjusted (for the better) version.
I appreciate the staff of Comics & Collectibles putting our comic next to Jim Shooter's new Legion of Super Heroes so our comic doesn't seem like such a disappointment by comparison.
Sick burn.
Take that Jim Shooter!

Oh shit, I hope he's not going to be at HeroesCon..


Itcomagic said...

Hey, just picked up a copy of the mini-comic today. Very cool! I know its kinda short, but hey, doing something is doing something right? Gotta take a step to run. Keep it up guys. You both are very talented and pretty nice guys to boot :)

chrishaley said...

Aw, thanks, Doug!
That's a really nice thing to say.
Glad you liked it.
We're working on more.
This really helped me to not have so much depression.