Thursday, June 19, 2008

I see the look in your eyes..

I drew this one for Joe at DC Comics.
His only request for his Freddie Mercury drawing was that I listen to my heart.
This is what happens when I listen to my heart.
I really like how this one turned out, so I might possibly try to make a print of it.
Maybe I'll just do an entire Justice League of Freddie Mercurys.
A JLFM if you will.

I'm not sure how many we got pictures of at the show, but I recall drawing Freddie as Robin (scaling a wall as per the request), a different Green Lantern, Wonder Woman (I know I have a picture of this one), and The Flash.
I also drew another of him against Darkseid, but that one was just plain Freddie.

That's just DC though.

I also drew him as The Silver Surfer (for Joe's friend with the roller-skates), Thor, Cable (in full Liefeld regalia), Bucky/The Winter Soldier (fighting Captain America).. and that's all the Marvel ones I can remember.
Maybe Curt or Joey or April or one of the people who got one of the sketches will chime in with any I'm forgetting that are DC or Marvel related.

I'll get into the non-comic related ones another time.


Dylan said...

I would so read a Justice League Of Freddie Mercuries monthly.* Didio? You hear me? If you want to save your job, I'd get on this post-haste.

*(Is that how you pluralize "Freddie Mercury"? I tried consulting the Chicago Manual Of Style, but WTH!?! there's no entry!)

chrishaley said...

As best as I recall, you would just add an "s" to the end instead of following the regular rules of pluralization since it is a name.
I'm not certain though, so if there are any grammar majors out there, feel free to let me know.

Maggie said...

you is so awesome. this is the awesome.

dig that grammar majors...

p.s. i can see you RIGHT NOW

Joel Priddy said...

LBFA 2 has got to involve the JLFM.

I demand it.

chrishaley said...

Joel - I started to say something to the effect of "I just draw what Curt tells (read : yells at) me to draw", but I just realized that knowing the plot for LBFA2 as I do, your demand could be made a reality!

jason quinones said...

freddy mercuri (mer-cue-RAI) i believe would be proper pronunciation.

i believe this is the beginning of the latest interweb phenomenon that will takeover the world!

glad to have seen it at it's inception.

chrishaley said...

Jason - A fellow can dream..