Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Was there a bit part for me?

Curt and I have begun the arduous process of making LET'S BE FRIENDS AGAIN 2 : ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!
(Name subject to change.)

This was me fooling around with a different style of drawing.
I'm not 100% certain how I will draw the parts of LBFA2 that feature us, which is to say, I don't know if Curt and I will look the same way we did in the first one.
Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

From what I know of the rough plan we have so far, I am 100% certain that :
1) LBFA2 is going to be a lot longer.
2) LBFA2 is not going to be a mini-comic.
3) LBFA2 is going to be a real challenge and a lot of fun to draw.

Perhaps Curt will check in with his thoughts on the road to LBFA2.


Dylan said...

Well, since I'm still [ahem] waiting for my copy, I can't speak to the "characters" looking different, but I will say this: unless one of you has Iron Man-provided Spider armor, you're never going to be superstars.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Yes sir.
I'll get right to work.

Curt Franklin said...

dylan, you ruined the ending, what the fuck

chrishaley said...

Oh shit, I thought the ending was Memphisto made us both Skrulls.

Dylan said...

Curt, that's why I'm Codename: Fun Killer. Also, Vader = Luke's dad, Bruce Willis = a ghost and Tyler Durden and whatever the other guy's name = THE SAME PERSON!!!1!

Joel Priddy said...


Don't feel beholden to your earlier style. One often sees cartoonists' styles evolve rapidly in the first couple issues/dozens of strips. Just try to make each page the best gol'damned page you can, and the stylistic decisions will sort themselves out.

chrishaley said...

Wisdom from on high.
I'm sure you'll be seeing every step of the process for the most part, so if I'm messing it all up you can let Curt know to fire me.

april said...

i had fun coloring this!