Tuesday, July 8, 2008

100% True Story.

A completely real Let's Be Friends Again conversation.

chrishaley : Man, I got that Batmanime DVD and the 5th season of The Batman today, and I want to order one of those Batman pizzas while I'm watching them, but that thing is "cloaked" in pepperoni.. there's no way I can convince myself that's not hell of bad for me.
Curt : Whatever dude, you got da bomb metabolism. Eat what you want who gives a fuck.
chrishaley : Yeah, that's true, but eventually I'm gonna have a heart attack, right?
Curt : This is me, your doctor, telling you this.
Curt : Yeah, but thats like years away! Fuck your future self, enjoy cloaked pizza today!


april said...

ahahahahah! this is the best. you guys are awesome. but also, you will probably have a heart attack despite your smokin' hot body.

Curt Franklin said...

Just want everyone to know I only use 'da bomb' ironically and in no way do I consider it acceptable.